Luxury Vinyl Flooring Care & Maintenance

Cleaning tips, spill removal, and more

Caring for your new luxury vinyl flooring

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring is both affordable and beautiful. For these reasons and more, it's quickly becoming a favorite among the various flooring solutions we offer. It's also incredibly easy to maintain. However, it does still require some daily care! Read on to learn more. 

Everyday care and maintenance

For daily upkeep, we recommend sweeping, dust mopping, and vacuuming with a manufacturer-approved vacuum cleaner. Place all heavy furniture on protective mats to avoid scratching and denting. You can also place doormats at the entrance of each room to avoid tracking outdoor dirt and soil across your flooring.

Dealing with stains

For common household spills, wipe with a micro-cloth. Once dry, follow up with a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner if needed. When it comes to tougher household messes like wax, gum, and nail polish, make sure you first consult with your manufacturer’s guidelines. For any other questions, you can always call the team here at Shelley Carpets. We’re always in the showroom during store hours, and our representatives are happy to help!

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